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Thank you for your interest in hiring William’s Florist to design your wedding florals! It’s our goal to design your dream wedding florals, meet your expectations on what your flowers will look like, and to quote accurately and accordingly.  For your planning purposes, below are some samples and guidelines of what our weddings typically cost.
This guide is for reference only! Once we sit down to discuss your floral needs, we will work up a customized proposal for you.  Every wedding is unique in size, style and quantity of items needed.  We offer a wide range of rental items, candles and decor items that are often included in our weddings to help make your dream decor come to life.  Please request a consultation here if you are interested in setting up a consultation!
General Pricing: 
Bridal Bouquet – $225-$300
Bridesmaids’ Bouquets – $125-$150 each
Boutonnieres – $25 each
Corsages – $45 each
Ceremony Sidepieces – $300-$450 each
Ceremony Archway – $800-$4000, depending on fullness
Short sweet & petite centerpieces  – $65-$85 each
Short medium centerpieces – $95-$150 each
Low and lush centerpieces – $175-$250 each
Tall centerpieces – $350-$750 each, depending on fullness
Signage florals – $125-$300
Cake flowers – $60-$100
Misc Vase arrangements – $85-$250 each
Budvases –  $25 each
Delivery – $35 – $50 for a simple dropoff
Delivery & Setup –  $200-$500, depending on level of setup required
Pickup Fees of Rental Items – $100-$300
For planning purposes, we recommend that you follow the budgeting guidelines below for overall budgets –
*$1,000-$2,000 – “personal flowers” such as  bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres (dependent on wedding party size)
*$3,000-$6,000 – personal flowers, simple ceremony decor, short centerpieces
*$6,000-$8,000 – personal flowers, simple ceremony decor, mix of tall and short centerpieces
*$8,000-$20,000 – personal flowers, ceremony arch, aisle decor, mix of tall and short centerpieces, statement area at reception, rental candles to complete table design, etc.
$20,000+ – Luxury wedding florals including personal flowers, ceremony arch, aisle decor,  mix of tall and short lush centerpieces using premium blooms, various statement areas at reception, high styled tablescapes featuring multiple rental candles and arrangements, etc.
*$25,000+ – Exclusive luxury wedding!  Within this budget range, your wedding will be the only wedding William’s Florist designs that weekend.  This typically includes all of our team members working on just your wedding throughout the week, usually requiring multi-day installations and so forth.  This is for the couple really looking for show stopping florals with an incomparable planning experience.